Image Sharing Online

July 9, 2014Category: PersonalTags: ,

How do you share your images with friends and family? If someone asked me years ago, I’d have said Photobucket. I was the only person I knew who used it, but that didn’t bother me. Problem is that Photobucket got increasing slow/laggy. Way too much scripting and fancy animations, and the design wasn’t anything special either. Plus it cost money to get the full capabilities. So where else to turn …. Flickr? Picasa? Truth is, I stopped using photo sharing sites entirely. Facebook happened. I can share images there, much more easily. I don’t have to worry about who will see the images, and I can sort into albums. So that is where I ended up for a while.

As time has gone on though, I’ve become somewhat disillusioned with Facebook. The interface for viewing could be nicer, and I can’t sort into sub-albums. Google+ Photos has a spectacular interface, and there’s a program to bulk upload. But again, no sub-albums. However, there’s a new (or shall I say reborn) player in town. Flickr.

I used to hate Flickr. The design, frankly, sucked. However, it got a complete makeover recently (thank you Marissa Mayer!):


More importantly, I can organize photos into albums AND sub-albums. This means that I can create a 2014 Cruise album, with photos organized into albums inside based on the day/location. One for Rome, one for Athens, one for Istanbul, etc etc.