To Be [Creepy] or Not To Be [Creepy]

July 9, 2014Category: PersonalTags: ,

One interesting thing that happened during my recent vacation made me question my definition of being creepy. I’ll explain what happened first, and then what I did about it. The latter is what I’m wondering if is creepy. Story time:

During the airplane ride to Venice, I sat several seats away from girl who I’d never seen before. This isn’t really significant because the entire plane was filled with guys and girls I’d never seen before. We both got off the plane and if I’d never seen her again then she would have been just another random person. But I did. The next day, in fact, as I was boarding the ship. I pointed her out to my wife and said, ‘Hey look, she was on the airplane with us!’. Interesting coincidence, I wonder if we’ll see her a third time.

Well, we did. Then a fourth. Then a fifth. Then a sixth. Seemed like every day we’d see airplane girl somewhere around the ship, or around town in the ports we visited. Which was kind of amazing because we were talking private tours with a private tour guide, not the ship-booked tours. Couple days before the end of the cruise, we had sighting 14. My wife and I were taking great amusement in watching this number grow, and I felt kind of odd that this person I’d never met, never talked to, and would never see again, had become such a major part of each day. Where will we see airplane girl today? So I decided to let her in on the game.

I walked up and said (paraphrasing) …. Hello! We’ve never met, but you were on the same airplane as me coming over. My wife and I keep seeing you around, over and over … 14 times in fact. It’s kind of become a game, where will we see airplane girl today. I felt kind of weird though, talking about you, with you having no idea, so I figured, what the heck, I’ll never see you again, the cruise is almost over, I’ll say hi. So hello!

She actually took it quite well. She seemed surprised, but laughed and we talked for a few minutes about where we were from, and how much fun the cruise had been, etc. And then I took my leave. I did see her one more time, bring the total airplane girl sightings up to 15, but she didn’t notice me (despite passing within 2 ft.), and so I know nothing more about her than that she too is from the USA.

So my question is, would it have been more creepy to continue to keep track of how many times we saw her, without telling her? Or was it more creepy to go up and talk to a random stranger and say, hi, I’ve been watching you. I’m not sure. But it doesn’t really matter I guess, because I’m the type of person that will go up and say hi, 99% of the time. Also if by some cosmic coincidence you happen to read this, airplane girl, I’m sorry if I creeped you out, but thank you for making my vacation more enjoyable.