Using Version Control Will Make You a Better Coder

May 27, 2016Category: Tutorial, WebTags: , ,

Many developers think version control is only useful for groups. However, i’s just as useful for a developer working alone. It will make you a better coder.


Creating a Multi-Theme Material Sidebar Header

February 25, 2016Category: Tutorial, WebTags: ,

How can we use a single SVG file to create a Material Design background image, which adapts to infinite screen resolutions and accent colors.


Full Screen Web Apps on iOS

February 16, 2016Category: TutorialTags: , , , ,

You’ve created your web application, added your manifest.json file, created your icons, and added your site to your Android and iOS test devices. Opening the app on Android works perfectly. The app opens like a native app (no browser chrome), stays that way through page changes, and keeps it’s state when minimized. However, something bad […]


A Bit ‘O Music For Your Day

January 22, 2016Category: PersonalTags: ,

Ever since overhauling this website and moving my blog here in early 2015, I have tried to only write blog posts that are content-filled. Web tutorials, etc. However, I’m going to go back to my old ways for a moment just to blatantly promote some music, not because I have any sort of stake in […]


Smooth Background Color Looping Animation

November 24, 2015Category: Tutorial, WebTags: ,

Background color loop? Animating background-color isn’t smooth. We can combine linear-gradient and animated background-position for a better effect.


Favicons and Performance Issues

March 31, 2015Category: WebTags: , ,

One aspect of a high performance webpage is asset requests. Favicons are a problem, because some browsers download multiple versions, wasting pointless extra requests.


Boost Your Website Performance

March 26, 2015Category: Tutorial, WebTags: ,

How fast does a website load? If it’s longer than 3 seconds, you’ve got a problem. Good news is we can fix it. I’ve assembled a list of speed boosting tips that’ll get your site humming.