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An Ode to Minecraft





I wonder, as I wander, through these cubes piled high,
when will it end, when will I die?
For the monsters are out there, ready and tall,
To put an arrow right through me, and tear down my hall.

I spend so many hours, building my keep,
tall walls that surround it, their benefits I reap.
Cap’d with tall towers, perched on mountaintop,
the castle of Andy, is solid as rock.

Below in the mountain, I’ve delved and I’ve dug,
and carved out a city, hidden deep from above,
the rooms and the vaults are all full as can be,
holding my treasure, and a tall Christmas tree.

Back up above, one peak tops the rest,
Upon it, my watchtower, watching the west,
and the east and the north and the south all as well,
On the lookout for monsters and minions of hell.

My fortress is perfect, my castle is tight,
But sometimes I leave, and venture into the night.
Each time’s a battle, each time’s a risk,
There’s even giant spiders thrown into the mix.

So what will become of me, in this my dark world?
Stay safe in my castle, or see my banner unfurled,
as I step into the wild, out to the unknown,
I wonder, as I wander, am I really alone.

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