Gingrich’s Mad Debating Skills

January 21, 2012Category: PoliticsTags: ,

I’ve long been impressed with Newt Gingrich’s debating skills. He might have baggage and problems politically, but on a debate stage he’s the king. This was demonstrated yet again in Thursday’s debate, the last before the South Carolina primary.

In the day or two leading up to the debate, a story had broken regarding Gingrich. According to it, he’d offered his wife the choice of an open marriage or a divorce when she’d discovered he’d been cheating. The moderator for the debate decided that that would be a good topic to open the the debate with.

Not only did Gingrich wipe the floor with the question, he used it to wipe the floor with the moderator as well as the media in general, and really put down the whole topic, rather than letting it fester. Embedded below, it should start at the right time. (8:30 approx).

My question though, is what it set up. As much as he slams the moderator, the question certainly ended up helping him, so in all actuality, he should be thanking them.

I enjoy skill; watching people do things skillfully, no matter what the topic. I posted a video a while back about a guy dancing to dubstep, because he was possibly the best dancer I’ve ever seen, and just watching someone operating at that level …. I’d never be able to reach it myself, but I can certainly appreciate it.