Imposing Values

April 4, 2012Category: PoliticsTags: , ,

Lefty liberals only seek to IMPOSE their own moral views on other people, by fiat or social engineering.”

I read this as a comment in an article about DOMA today.

Liberals only seek to impose. The problem is that it’s opposite of the truth, because in terms of marriage, there are three positions. On one end of the spectrum, there is the position that, we allow heterosexuals to get married, and don’t allow homosexuals. In the middle is, we allow both. On the other end is, we allow homosexuals to get married, and don’t allow heterosexuals. Those are the three positions.

Personally, I don’t like either one, or three, because they are both rather extreme. They involve forcing your own view (that either homo or hetero is bad) on other people, and controlling their actions (not allowing them to get married). The middle position, is that of live and let live. Yet somehow, it’s that middle position, of not seeking to control ANYONE, not seeking to impose EITHER moral, that the commenter seemed to think was imposing. Not sure how that works.

It amazes me that the GOP, which prides itself on limited government and staying out of people’s lives, tries to impose a specific religious morality on everyone. Or, I wish it amazed me.