E3 2012





After 5 hours of flying, I’m finally in Los Angeles. I got a lucky draw on the seatmate front my first flight, ending up sitting beside two very pretty ladies who looked around my age. After that it went downhill. Both of them went to sleep immediately, and we ran into turbulence … for the ENTIRE FLIGHT.

The captain never took off the seat belt light, because we never stopped shaking. Motion sickness for the fail. Also it was an old plane, so there wasn’t anything cool like TV or movies or food. Not even peanuts.

After 20 minutes in the connecting airport (Phoenix, Arizona), the second flight was slightly better. I sat beside two guys who both happened to be web guys. One was even a WordPress developer! We had a pretty decent time chatting. And the flight was much shorter, only about an hour and a half in the air. Follow that with a half hour drive into LA, and now I’m at the hotel. The AC is broken and stuck on 64, but too cold is better than too hot, because we have blankets.

Tomorrow we’ll be getting up at 5am to head to the Nintendo press conference, so I’ll be posting updates here, in addition to writing articles about it for TekGoblin.

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