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Firefox 14 Changes Icons, Encrypts Search




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Like clockwork, every 6 weeks we see Firefox getting a refresh. Today was no different, with Firefox prompting users to update to the next version, 14.0.1. Like previous incremental updates, this provides several small graphical changes along with some under the hood improvements.

The biggest change that people are talking about is in the way Firefox displays Favicons. Favicons, the little icon that nearly all websites have, are normally shown in your bookmarks list, beside the website’s address, and on the top of each tab you have open. While you’ll still see favicons on tabs, Firefox no longer displays them in the address bar. Instead, only two icons will be shown, one for regular websites, and another for encrypted sites. And on the topic of security, an additional change in 14.0.1 is that Google searches started from the default search box will now by encrypted.

Those are the biggest changes if you’re on Windows. If you are running OSX Lion however,, you’ll be glad to hear that you can now enable full screen mode.

One small change that bugs me personally is a change in the default icons for Forward, Backward, and Home. However, it’s easy to fix these using the Classic Toolbar Buttons addon.

For a full list of all new features and bug fixes, see the Firefox 14.0.1 Release Notes page. To update, just go to the Help -> About menu in Firefox.

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