How O’Charley’s “Screwed” Us

January 29, 2013Category: PersonalTags: , ,

My brother Alex is attending my alma mater (crazy to say that word now), Purdue, next year. He (or more accurately my parents), got some good news in the mail today. They are giving him the Presidential Scholarship, which is quite a bit of money that we won’t have to pay, for all four years. So to celebrate, we took him out to O’Charleys.

It’s one of his favorite restaurants, and probably favorite sit down one here in town. Only when we got there, we found a surprise. Upon ordering soup and getting it, my brother took a few bites and then saw, sitting in the soup, a giant iron screw. Pictures below:



The pictures are kind of blurry, but it was most certainly a screw, and a large one at that. This was on top of them having to try three times to get my hamburger right, twice to get my dad’s drink correct, and one time just forgetting my own drink. Not the best service in the world.

The manager did apologize quite effusively, and comped our entire dinner drinks and the soup.