HandBrake Video Conversion Software

October 24, 2014Category: WebTags: , ,

I’ve been working in my spare time recently on finishing up my Smart Search For Excel app, and today I got to the point where I wanted to show it off to some friends.


Text in SVG: 3nd Attempt (Size Reduction)

September 10, 2014Category: WebTags: ,

Several days ago I wrote about finally solving the text in SVG problem. The key is to convert your font file to base64 data stream and include it in the SVG.


Downside of SVG – Fonts

August 31, 2014Category: Tutorial, WebTags: ,

My third attempt at conversion to SVG is a logo with text. It took nearly 4 hours, because it’s got 16 different SVG elements (without counting the linear gradients.


SVG: A More Complex Logo

August 17, 2014Category: WebTags: ,

My logo is extreme simple. It has two shapes and is all straight lines. Because of this simplicity, I had no trouble converting it to `SVG`.


Converting Logo to Scalable SVG

August 4, 2014Category: Tutorial, WebTags: ,

When coming up with a logo, I took inspiration from the first letter of my name: A. After many variations, I came up with a symbol which resembles an A, but is distinct.


First WP Bug Report

July 29, 2014Category: WebTags: ,

I reported my first bug with WordPress today. During testing of my WordPress plugins for WP 4.0 compatibility, Admin Classic Borders worked perfectly but I found an odd occurrence with Featured Galleries.


Belated Honeymoon

July 8, 2014Category: PersonalTags: ,

I just got back from my belated honeymoon. My wife and I got married in April, but we made an unconventional choice to postpone our honeymoon.