New Blog

March 5, 2015Category: PersonalTags: , ,

Over the past 6 years I’ve written well over 300 posts on my original blog, The Philosophical Geek. As I was creating, I decided I wanted my blog to be incorporated and housed in the same location. The only question was, do I just start over, or do I copy all 300+ posts over to here.

I ended up going through the list and cutting it down to about 75 posts that I think are still relevant and at least semi- up to date. Nearly all web and coding related posts made it over, along with my political/ethical musings and poetry. Most of what didn’t consisted of funny pictures of videos, along with music.

All reposts have a label at the top with a link to the original post. You might notice some changes though. As I read each one and reformatted to match the new blog, many typos, broken links, and missing pictures jumped out at me. I’ve done a major house cleaning on everything, so they likely don’t match the original posts word for word.

A note about TekGoblin

When I was writing for, I’d post the first paragraph of the article to my own blog, along with a link to the full article on TekGoblin. I’m not sure how long that site is going to be around, though, so I have instead chosen to simply post the entire articles instead of snippets, with a link back to the original TekGoblin article instead of to the snippet on my old blog.