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New Blog




Over the past 6 years I’ve written well over 300 posts on my original blog, The Philosophical Geek. As I was creating AndyMercer.net, I decided I wanted my blog to be incorporated and housed in the same location. The only question was, do I just start over, or do I copy all 300+ posts over to here.

I ended up going through the list and cutting it down to about 75 posts that I think are still relevant and at least semi- up to date. Nearly all web and coding related posts made it over, along with my political/ethical musings and poetry. Most of what didn’t consisted of funny pictures of videos, along with music.

All reposts have a label at the top with a link to the original post. You might notice some changes though. As I read each one and reformatted to match the new blog, many typos, broken links, and missing pictures jumped out at me. I’ve done a major house cleaning on everything, so they likely don’t match the original posts word for word.

A note about TekGoblin

When I was writing for Tekgoblin.com, I’d post the first paragraph of the article to my own blog, along with a link to the full article on TekGoblin. I’m not sure how long that site is going to be around, though, so I have instead chosen to simply post the entire articles instead of snippets, with a link back to the original TekGoblin article instead of to the snippet on my old blog.

4 responses to “New Blog”

  1. Keith Johnson Avatar

    Hello Andy. I just discovered your blog and wondered if you have any updates on your blog about 4k vs 1080P television screens. The information was great and very helpful but is now a couple of years old.

    1. Kelderic Avatar

      Are you talking about the TekGoblin article I wrote a while back? Its been a while, I only vaguely remember it.

      1. Keith Johnson Avatar

        Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, that is the one. I just wondered if you have thought about revisiting the topic again. Maybe there has not been enough change to warrant the effort. I have been out of the country teaching at a university in Bangkok for a few years and am amazed at all the current changes, particularly in the video area. I will be purchasing a new flat screen soon and am guessing that 4K is worth the extra dollars over 1080P. I realize from your article that categorizing them this way is not accurate, but it’s what the industry is still using.
        Appreciate any thoughts or recommendations.
        Keith Johnson

        1. Kelderic Avatar

          In that post, I did write about 4K, and about OLED. Not a lot has changed since then. 4K is slowly coming down in price, but there’s not a lot of 4K content out there. For future proofing, it’s probably worth it at this point to go 4K, but it depends on whether or not you can afford it.

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