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New Site for 2022




For years, I’ve resisted switching to Gutenberg, not because I dislike change (it’s a huge improvement), but because Gutenburg itself is changing so quickly. However, with the arrival of FSE, half-baked as it is, it’s finally time to pull the trigger.

The new theme is live, using a heavily modified version of the X3P0 – Reflections theme. FSE has been a learning experience, but it’s amazing how easy it is once you get the hang of it. Still lots to improve though. Too many blocks are missing basic controls such as alignment, or Font Weight and Style. But it’s getting there.

This has also prompted me to do a housecleaning of old posts, along with old plugins. The site should quite a bit faster now, because there is far less to load.

Still do do, are to fix the visibility of the Projects page, which is currently hidden because it needs reworked.

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