Scalar Backgrounds in SVG

January 23, 2015Category: Tutorial, WebTags: ,

WordPress recently updated the built-in admin page that allows users to search for plugins hosted on the official plugin repository. One aspect of this update gave all plugins the ability to have icons.


Andy’s CSS Best Practices

January 11, 2015Category: WebTags: , , ,

While a lot of languages have pretty well defined sets of best practices, CSS seems to fluctuate on a monthly basis. Is the cascade good or bad this week?


Schedule Daily Automatic Emails in Outlook 2013

January 8, 2015Category: TutorialTags: , ,

At work I have to send several emails out each day. One of these is exactly the same each day with the exception of the date. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to schedule these?


HandBrake Video Conversion Software

October 24, 2014Category: WebTags: , ,

I’ve been working in my spare time recently on finishing up my Smart Search For Excel app, and today I got to the point where I wanted to show it off to some friends.


Text in SVG: 3nd Attempt (Size Reduction)

September 10, 2014Category: WebTags: ,

Several days ago I wrote about finally solving the text in SVG problem. The key is to convert your font file to base64 data stream and include it in the SVG.


Downside of SVG – Fonts

August 31, 2014Category: Tutorial, WebTags: ,

My third attempt at conversion to SVG is a logo with text. It took nearly 4 hours, because it’s got 16 different SVG elements (without counting the linear gradients.